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Whether you’re new to applying for a mortgage (don’t stress, we’ve got you covered), or you’re an investor looking to add another property to your real estate portfolio – the mortgage terrain is ever-evolving here in Toronto and nationwide. It’s important to work with a licensed mortgage broker so that you can buy with confidence and live comfortably with your new mortgage. We’re here to be your trusted certified mortgage advisors – for your good credit, and even bad credit mortgages. We give each application the support and advice you deserve so that you can succeed in a financing approval or have the tools to work towards getting approved in the future. Don’t be shy, our top mortgage brokers are here to help.

We’ve got a line-up of mortgage calculators, designed by top finance brokers, that make establishing your affordability a breeze.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

How much can you afford in today’s market? Our simple calculator allows you to plug in your income, expenses and down payment availability to see just “how much house” you can afford.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

This handy calculator couples perfectly with our affordability calculator – it will help to show you what your monthly mortgage obligations will be, as well as the interest you’re going to pay over the term.

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

When you purchase a house, condo or vacant land in the majority of Canadian provinces, you will be subject to land transfer tax. There are some exemptions for first time buyers – learn more here.

What factors influence your mortgage affordability?

  • Your gross combined household income
  • Monthly housing expenses
  • Your monthly loan and debt obligations
  • Your current credit standing and rating (our mortgage agents will pull your credit bureau and review it in detail with you – we also have a Credit Tips Centre to get you started too)
  • The amount you have saved for a down payment
  • The mortgage rate (based on the current national stress-test regulations)

Get the Best Mortgage Broker Rates.

As you probably have seen, the mortgage environment has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. Our mortgage agents are still able to offer great savings that have been passed down from our top lenders, and extra advantages are given to those with strong credit applications. 

Our team of top mortgage brokers can show you how down payment availabilities, lower loan ratios and your credit score can help to get you the best mortgage broker rates.

The rates you’re seeing here on our site may not be the absolute lowest possible rate, so it’s best you talk to one of our mortgage professionals to determine how your unique financial standing may play in your favour when capturing the best mortgage rate.

First Time Home Buyer?

Don’t worry if this is the first time you’ve applied for a mortgage – we’re a team of seasoned Toronto mortgage brokers who will take the time to educate you every step of the way. Let us help you solidify mortgage financing for a home that you can sensibly afford.

Need a Self-Employed Mortgage?

Owning your own business shouldn’t stop you from owning real estate. Our top mortgage loan brokers have the lending connections and experience to help YOU get approved for self-employed financing. If you’re looking to find a mortgage broker who can get the job done, our team of trusted Toronto mortgage agents is ready to take your call.

Ready to Invest in Real Estate?

Taking the first steps to invest in real estate – congratulations are in order! Whether you’re adding a piece of Toronto real estate to your portfolio, or investing in another corner of the country, our mortgage consultants will give unbiased advice and support to help you build your wealth.

Our local mortgage professionals are the best at what they do, and make purchasing Toronto real estate and beyond easy – have some mortgage questions? Head over to our direct chat link, or give our team a call today.


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