There are many benefits to working with our awesome team of licensed mortgage brokers – aside from our witty jokes and smooth dance moves. Saving money, protecting the credit score you’ve worked hard to build and getting the best mortgage broker rates on the market are just a few additional reasons to connect with our team – get the scoop on many of the perks below.

We’ll Save You Time and Money – skip the tedious work of applying on your own to a range of lenders and let our local mortgage agents shop the variety of lenders we already have strong connections (and the best mortgage rates) with. While it may not sound like a huge difference, a 0.5% decrease in your obtained mortgage rate can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest over the course of your mortgage. Let us show you the best rates around.

Give Your Credit Bureau a Break – like any other loan, if you apply on your own at independent financial institutions, they will make a hard check against your credit bureau. By working with one of our local mortgage brokers, we only need to access your credit bureau once, but can apply to many lenders simultaneously. Keep that great credit score in check all while reducing the stress of the mortgage application process.

Get the Best Mortgage Rates and Products – we have the top lending connections in the Toronto mortgage industry and beyond which allows us to access the best mortgage rates on the market and pass the savings onto you – but remember that solidifying a great rate is just part of the process at winning when it comes to home financing. You want to ensure that you’re signing on the dotted line for a mortgage that serves your financing needs both now and in the future. Our mortgage agents will help to find you the top mortgage product available that allows you portability options, pre-payments to pay your loan down faster and the easiest penalties on your pocket if the time comes that you must break your mortgage early.

Customized Advice Tailored to Your Unique Situation – no two mortgage applications are the same – so why should the advice be? Our certified mortgage advisors will take the time to review your unique financial situation to decide which route is best to proceed. You’ll be in the loop every step of the way, with mortgage education, top financing resources and connections to any other top real estate professionals you may need during your homeownership journey. Get the advice you need and the results you deserve.

No Broker Fees – most of the time! Generally speaking, when you work with a mortgage loan broker the commissions and how much a mortgage broker gets paid comes from the financial institution where your mortgage is placed. This means no fees for YOU! When it comes to working towards a mortgage approval with non-standard credit (under a 600 credit beacon) we have professional mortgage consultants that can access alternative lending solutions for you. In the case of alternative lending, there may be a fee for services rendered – but because each application is unique, it’s best to connect with our team to learn more about the bad credit mortgage broker programs available to you.


This is one of our most frequently asked questions as trusted Toronto mortgage brokers. The short answer is that you should work with the mortgage professional who makes you feel the most comfortable, informed and heard.

Top mortgage brokers are licensed professionals who have access to an assorted group of lenders, which as we showcased above, allows you to find the best mortgage product and rate for YOU. If you have a unique situation, such as seeking a self-employed mortgage broker, are new to Canada, or have been rebuilding your credit – a mortgage broker may be the best route for you with their vast and exclusive lending network.

When you use a bank representative to obtain your mortgage, you are limited to the products and rates of that particular financial institution. There’s nothing wrong with getting a mortgage from your home bank, however mortgage brokers do have access to many more mortgage product options and typically complete a mortgage approval faster with their strong lender relationships.


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