Do Not Sign That Mortgage Renewal! 

Studies show that up to 80% of Canadians will automatically renew their mortgage with their current financial institution without even trying to negotiate any new terms or mortgage rates. Many homeowners think that it’s easier to just renew instead of shopping around. We’re here to tell you that this is not the way it has to be…

Let our team of licensed mortgage brokers show you the huge savings that you could potentially be leaving on the table by auto-renewing your existing mortgage. And that’s not even the best part – while working with one of our top Toronto mortgage brokers, you’ll also get the best advice when it comes to the mortgage product you should have too. A great rate may be the first thing on your mind as you’re preparing to renew, but now is your chance to step into a product that truly works for you and your evolving financial needs. Our team of top mortgage agents will shop our collection of trusted enders to get you the best terms, pre-payment abilities, portability features and more.

Don’t snooze on your renewal this year.

Start working with one of the best mortgage brokers in Canada today. Get started with our easy-to-use online application.

Did you know that our mortgage agents can hold an interest rate for up to 120 days? Having your renewal mortgage approved 120 days in advance ensures that you are protected in the event rates spike just prior to your renewal date. One of our mortgage professionals would be pleased to assist you with your mortgage planning needs. Connect with our team of mortgage professionals to move forward into a more confident and supported mortgage space.

Not Yet Time to Renew?

As the Toronto real estate market and beyond evolves, it may be leaving you with questions surrounding whether your existing mortgage is giving you the best benefits available. Our advice is always free, so even if it’s not yet time for you to renew, but you’d like to talk to a trusted and certified mortgage advisor about your current mortgage or the options available to you to refinance and borrow some of the equity in your home, we do that too. 

Let us review your unique mortgage situation to help you determine the best course of action. Our goal is to provide you with unbiased advice so that you can make a confident and informed decision, renewal time or not. We’ll review any penalties and fees that you may incur during the course of your refinance, and we’ll transparently lay out all of your options for you to see.

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