Our top goal as Toronto mortgage brokers is to be a trustworthy, certified mortgage advisor to our clients. It’s not just about getting you a great rate on your mortgage; our commitment is to also deliver top advice based on current and accurate market information, and assistance to guide you to successfully achieve a mortgage approval. You want to find a mortgage broker that makes you feel comfortable and well-informed throughout every step of the mortgage approval process and beyond. We are here to educate and guide, to help you in your journey to building wealth through real estate.

Top mortgage brokers are licensed professionals who have access to an assorted group of lenders, which allows you to find the best mortgage product and rate for YOU. A great mortgage broker will do all of the work to shop the current market for you and will negotiate the most beneficial mortgage contract for your needs. If you have a unique situation, such as seeking a self-employed mortgage broker, are new to Canada, or have been rebuilding your credit – a mortgage broker may be the best route for you with their vast and exclusive lending network.

When you use a bank representative to obtain your mortgage, you are limited to the products and rates of that particular financial institution. There’s nothing wrong with getting a mortgage from your home bank, however mortgage brokers do have access to many more mortgage product options and typically complete a mortgage approval faster with their robust lender relationships.

Working with a licensed mortgage broker allows you to gain access to a variety of lenders and financial institutions across Canada, such as major banks, credit unions, private lenders and more. By working with one of our mortgage agents, you have the opportunity to be connected with many different lenders at the time of application. Working to get the best mortgage broker rates available to you is what we do – but we’ll also focus on getting you the best mortgage product on the market as well. Mortgage terms, portability options, lump sum payment availability and ideal payment structure are just a few of the features we’ll get for you on top of that great rate.

The short answer is no – in most cases, a mortgage loan broker is paid a commission by the lender or financial institution where your new mortgage is placed. The amount of the commission can change depending on the type of mortgage, the size of the loan and the quality of the client.

If a client’s application is not standard or doesn’t fit with a standard lender, we have access to alternative lending options. For bad credit applications or in the case of alternative lending, there may be a fee to the client, but due to its rarity, it’s best to connect with our team to learn more about these programs.

No! Though we specialize in solidifying mortgage products for clients buying Toronto area real estate, we also help clients to obtain mortgages for their buying and refinancing needs all across Canada. We are licensed mortgage professionals, able to complete transactions across the country – so whether you’re relocating to the GTA, out of the Toronto area, or are in a different area of Canada all together, we’d be happy to help you with your financing needs.
Historically, variable interest rate mortgages have been lower than fixed rates, though fixed rate mortgages provide more security in budgeting your monthly costs. With the change in interest rates over the last couple of years, you’ll want to thoroughly review all your options with your mortgage agent to ensure you choose the best option for your unique financial situation.

Though it may have been drilled into you that you need to save up a 20% down payment to purchase real estate, this is actually not the case. Your mortgage advisor will help you determine the best plan of action for the down payment amount that makes the most sense for your financial circumstances. Note that if your down payment is less than 20%, you will be subject to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation fees.

Most often you will be charged a penalty for discharging your mortgage prior to its completion or renewal. The discharge fee for a fixed rate mortgage versus a variable rate mortgage does differ. Each financial institution generally offers a lump sum or extra payment allowance annually that will allow you to make extra payments. In the event that you move, and are able to port your mortgage, you should be able to avoid any pre-payment fees.

Be sure that you’re heading into your mortgage application with a clear picture of your investing goals – Whether you’re looking for a mortgage in the Toronto area, or another area in Canada, and have more questions that you’d like our team of mortgage consultants to answer, we are only a call way.

Mortgages don’t have to be intimidating. No matter your unique financial situation, our expert mortgage loan brokers have the experience needed to get your application approved. We’ll help to simplify your application process by providing you a detailed list of what is needed to apply upfront, we’ll give you the opportunity to apply from the comfort of your home and we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to make informed mortgage decisions.


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