Diana Eljabri

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Licence # M08004096


I have been with Mortgage Centre since the beginning of my career- over 20 years. I’m proud to bring all the knowledge and experience to my clients, friends and family. I enjoy helping people find the right solution for their financial needs. Right before I started in this business I was a first- time buyer and saw the importance of having a team of experts there to assist in navigating through the processes.

The Realtor I worked with found me a home that suited my needs and referred me an inspector that was very throw and found things in the house that I would eventually have to address, so my Realtor was able to renegotiate a better price to compensate for the leaky roof and a few other items I was unaware could be addresses. Then in the midst of my mortgage approval I had a life threatening accident that left me bed ridden and jobless. But thank God for my mortgage broker, he was able to set up short term alternative financing for me and closed the deal.

I’m proud to say shortly after that I started working for that same Broker and haven’t looked back since. He ended up becoming my mentor for over 13 yrs as I started working in the mortgage industry under him and Mortgage Centre Canada. I can’t stress enough how important it is having a team of seasoned experts in place to assist you in the process…as you never know when those bumpy times will come. I enjoy working with customers and providing them with all the information they need to make the best choose possible and if I can give them half the piece of mind I experienced traveling through murky waters I will be content.



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