Robert Rocchetti

Mortgage Agent Level 2

Mortgage Licence # M20002644


With over 10 years of robust experience in the financial sector, I am a seasoned professional who has navigated the complexities of finance with finesse. Beginning my career at Scotiabank with a focus on investment analysis, risk management, and strategic financial planning, I quickly became a trusted advisor known for precision and analytical prowess. This foundational expertise laid the groundwork for my seamless transition into the mortgage industry, where I have spent the last 4 years excelling as a Mortgage Agent.

In my role as a Mortgage Agent, I have established myself as an invaluable asset, assisting clients in realizing their homeownership dreams. My in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market, combined with a commitment to staying current with industry trends and regulations, ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that align with their unique needs. Beyond technical acumen, I am recognized for exceptional interpersonal skills, fostering strong and transparent relationships with clients. This holistic approach, coupled with a genuine dedication to client well-being, distinguishes me as a standout professional in both the financial and mortgage arenas.



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